MMA Mixed Martial arts Program in Santa Clara


Brian “The Fury” Johnston is a veteran of several UFC‘s as well as numerous national and international mixed martial Arts competitions. He has written for various magazines about the sport of MMA, he has been a judge, a matchmaker and an event coordinator for various fighting events. His bouts have appeared on Spike TV, Pay per view Television, the ESPN sports channel, MTV and can be seen in the movie Very Bad Things. As a trainer his students have had victories over Ken Shamrock, Ryan Gracie and Mark “The Smashing Machine” Kerr, to name but a few. A Golden Gloves and Submission Wrestling champion, Brian incorporates a blend of Submission Wrestling, Judo and Kickboxing to form a unique style known as Johnston MMA. Brian Johnston continues to train professional fighters and a few private clients, he resides here in Santa Clara with his partner Maggie.

Positioning and striking are the corner stones of the Johnston MMA system, although many submissions and locks are employed Brian understands positioning and striking are a very important aspect of the sport of Mixed Martial Arts and are heavily emphasized.

Each student of Johnston MMA will have the opportunity to test his or her skills in armature MMA or grappling competitions if he or she so desires. The system has been separated into various levels and once a student masters several levels he or she will be given the opportunity to test for a junior instructor certification.

Brian is assisted by a number of Jr. instructors. Including Erick Ulrich, Julian Delgalito and David Fredriks.

Coach-Eric Ulrich, is a long time student and sparing partner of Brian’s , he has Pro- Wrestled , judged events and taught Johnston MMA in Japan and now is a full time residential appraiser and resides in Los Gatos and with his wife Darcy and their two children, Olivia and Jack.

Coach-Julian Delgalito is currently perusing his dream of becoming a professional MMA fighter and should make his professional debut in April of 2008. Julian is Johnston MMA’s first fighter and we expect big things from him (no pressure Julian).

Julian has been training with Brian for about a year and a half and resides in Cupertino. Coach-Dave Fredriks is a full time Lockeed engineer who has been training in Johnston MMA for about a year. Dave competes in amateur MMA events and lives with wife Kathy in San Jose.




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