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Mr. Roi Escalada

Mr. Escalada has been training with Silva Martial Arts since his early years of high school. He tested for his black belt in 2006. His brother Russell also achieved his black belt at our studio. Roi trains hard every week to prepare himself for competing in kyroogi (sparring) at tournaments, and always looks forward to tournament season.

He also is a full time student at San Jose State, where he is majoring in Kinesiology. He brings useful skills to the studio with this background; like injury prevention, healthy exercise and diet strategies, and how to properly tape joints.


Mr. Justin Azevedo

Mr. Justin is currently a third degree black belt. He has been with Silva Martial Arts for 10 years. “Before TKD I was a destructive child with little self control. Tae kwon do really helped me control my anger and use my feelings in a positive way. I have learned to respect others and myself. I currently help teach 2 days a week, and it is something that I enjoy a lot.

“Tae kwon do has helped me with more than physical strength, it has helped me develop mental strength. Before, I was a child that always gave up when things got too hard. After being in TKD I learned to keep my head up and strive. This attribute carried along not only in TKD, but also school. I know that even if a class may seem hard that I can always do it as long as I try my best.


Mrs. Nichole

Morgan Mrs. Morgan has been training with Silva Martial Arts since 2009 years now. She has been teaching the tiny tigers class since 2010. Outside of teaching at our studio, Nichole also teaches cooking, and arts and crafts classes for children. Her husband Josh, and two children Kylie and Ryan also train at our studio.






Mr. Welc

Mr. Welc is a Kukkiwon certified 2nd degree black belt. His fascination with martial arts started with Judo and Vo Quyen, a form of Veietnamese kung-fu, that he practiced for 4 years while still in high school. Mr. Welc started his Tae-Kwon-Do training while attending Purdue University under supervision of the Grand Master K. Y. Chai.

After arriving in the Bay Area, Mr. Welc was looking for a new studio to continue his training. Silva Martial Arts was the first and only place he tried - it was immediately clear that this is the place with excellent instructors, great students and the right attitude! Soon after joining the studio as a freshly certified 1st degree black belt he started assisting with the classes and helping to teach them. In-class interactions with the students, the instructors and Master Silva himself made him understand how much more there is to Tae-Kwon-Do beyond sheer physical skills and how rewarding of an experience it can be to observe students progressing from their first Tae-Kwon-Do class all the way up to the their black belt certification.


Mrs. Gaby

“I joined TKD in 2007. Before my first class I was terrified, and after it I was exhausted!! As my ability to participate in class without feeling like passing out increased, I fell more and more in love with TKD; with the discipline, the strength, the coordination, and the general ability to defend myself. I also realized how good it was for my health (minus the bruises) and my self-perception. Not many people my age get to do what I do. I also found the support and care of the TKD family which was a huge unexpected bonus of joining Silva Martial Arts. I really enjoy working with my classmates and watching the progress made. It is very exciting!"

4 years after joining, Gaby proudly holds a black belt in TKD as well as a purple belt in Brazilian Jiujitsu. She jokes that, “I still cannot catch or throw a dodgeball... but I make great cookies!”




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