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Brian Hurst

Mr. Hurst is a Kukkiwon certified 3rd degree black belt.

 He started his martial arts training in January 2002 while still at middle school in the Santa Clara School District. Although he was not looking for a studio at the time, a close friend had highly recommended Mr. Silva’s studio. Mr. Hurst tried a class at the studio, and was hooked instantly! Mr. Silva’s exciting teaching style, positive attitude, and raw Tae Kwon Do skills made a lasting impression.

 “The studio has done so much for me in all areas of my life. It taught me discipline, self control, respect, and life skills. It has given me confidence in myself both mentally, and physically, and it has kept me modest as well. I have always been a good student at school, but the life skills I’ve learned at Silva Martial Arts have definitely helped me at school, at work, and in my personal life. In my time at the studio, I have learned important life skills like goal setting, public speaking, presenting, and work ethic. All of these skills and more have allowed me to have a high level of control over my life, and allow me to feel like I am able to create my own reality through hard work and dedication.

“I continue to learn and grow from teaching at the studio, and I look forward to seeing every one of my students achieve black belt. My favorite thing about teaching is the difference I am able to make in my students’ lives; both kids and adults. I see so much growth in all of them every month, and I’m very proud to be a part of their lives.


Ricardo Torres Torres is a Kukkiwon certified 4th degree black belt. He also holds a purple belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu; a martial art that he trains in three days a week.

Mr. Torres started his martial arts training almost 15 years ago while attending UC Santa Cruz. At the time, Tae Kwon Do was offered as part of the University’s PE program by a local Tae Kwon Do Master that had his own private studio in the city. Discovering this information, Mr. Torres jumped on the opportunity straight away! This was the beginning of new way of life with many opportunities.

When the moment arrived to attend graduate school at San Jose State University, Master Silva was the only Master in the area that was happy and willing to work with Mr. Torres’ work and school schedule so he could continue training. Soon after joining Silva Tae Kwon Do in 2002, Mr. Torres began assisting and teaching classes as a red belt. The rest is history, and a future in the making, with Silva Martial Arts as a permanent home for Mr. Torres.

Mr. Torres enjoys teaching and seeing the progress that SMA students make over time, and sometimes right in front of his eyes!







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