Sport Tae Kwon Do in Santa Clara

Our studio is certified to offer competitive training in the sport Tae kwon Do. STKD is the home and choice of numerous state and national champions.

Sparring Programs:

1. Recreational Sparring Classes. One of the main functions of the class will be to introduce the concepts of sparring safely with other children and adults. Students will learn basic footwork and kicking drills while being introduced to full contact Olympic Sparring. Once students understand the basics of sparring safely, they may be invited to join the intermediate sparring program.

2. Intermediate Sparring Classes. These classes are by invitation only. Students that have shown a strong work ethic in recreational classes and have developed an understanding of the concepts taught, may be invited to join the intermediate sparring classes. Here athletes start to take sparring more seriously. They are invited to join the “Silva Team” at local tournaments and become exposed to more advanced concepts such as ring control, advanced footwork, high section contact, etc. At this level, intermediate students also have the opportunity, once a week, to train with more seasoned athletes and are in a mixed class with our advanced, Black Belt, Sparring program.

3. Advanced Sparring Program. This program is reserved for athletes that are willing to dedicate themselves to an unrelenting pursuit of excellence in Olympic Taekwondo competition. This elite group puts in countless hours of training and full contact sparring weekly. They learn advanced ring management, advanced kicks and combinations, timing drills, advanced fakes and on and on. They must take a provincial referee course to better understand how the game is scored and why, from a referees' point of view. This also enables the athlete to better understand how warnings, penalties and points etc. are awarded during a match. With hard work and dedication to the sport, they can earn the opportunity to represent Silva Martial Arts & Fitness and California in Taekwondo competitions, Nationaly and Internationaly. This program has produced a large group of high calibre athletes including State and National Champions. The success of this program speaks for itself.

Our Sparring Programs are the only programs of their kind in the area and we are a member of the     USA Taekwondo Association which is officially recognized by the Olympics Committee. All of our black belts in our programs also receive International Black Belt Certification through Kukkiwon.

This is important to consider when searching for a local Taekwondo program for your child, as only Kukkiwon registered Black Belts can compete at the National, International and Olympic levels of Olympic recognized Taekwondo in the world. This is also the only acceptable certification to qualify to compete in the Olympics !!

If you're looking for Taekwondo sparring programs in the Bay Area, this is the place to be !!





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