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Tae Kwon Do is an attack style of Martial Arts originating in Korean. "Tae" means foot, "Kwon" means fist, "Do" means the way or is translated as ``The way of Foot and Fist fighting''. But fighting doesn't stand for fighting against others, instead it means fighting against yourself. It is a way of achieving mental balance and developing better control of your own body.

Tae Kwon Do continued to grow and evolve as it was handed down from generation to generation. During the end of the Lee Dynasty and during the 36 year long Japanese occupation of Korea, Tae Kwon Do appeared to fade away...but the Tae Kwon Do spirit in Korea never died. Tae Kwon Do practitioners started to revitalize the art after the restoration of Korea's independence. Since that time, Tae Kwon Do has spread to almost every corner of the world. It has enriched lives, provided physical and spiritual discipline, and perpetuated a sense of tradition and values that are necessary for a strong society.

Silva Martial Arts is certified to offer serious competitive training, but also serves students that are interested in Tae Kwon Do simply for fitness and self defense. We focus on teaching each student to do his/her personal best; not just in Tae Kwon Do, but in all areas of life. Our Martial Arts Program is fun and packed with exciting physical exercise, which will help you/your child increase:


Unlike other sports and exercise programs, martial arts training also helps:

•build self confidence
•improve concentration
•practice self discipline
•increase respect
•learn self defense
•develop the "yes I can" positive winning attitude

Everyone is welcome at our studio, and everyone can benefit from learning at SMA! Classes are available for all ability levels for Tiny Tigers tigers (ages 5 and under), kids (5-12), and Teens and adults.

Come join us for a trial class today and find out why SMA is the right fit for you!





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